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Lighten UP

Often at this time of the year, the presents aren't the only things getting themselves all wrapped up.

Are you finding yourself getting wrapped up in the pace and the lists and forgetting to enjoy the moment? Are you getting yourself in a tangle of Christmas lights and gifting, food shopping and baking? It's certainly a potential trap with all of the planning and preparing in the lead up to these festive holidays, that seem to be the social norm.

Or perhaps you're getting yourself all wrapped up in your own "stuff"?

The allure of our habitual or usual way of being in the world, especially when we're trying to make a shift away from the old way, can be such a potent and powerful thing. It's the "old program" in play. Our brains are wired for it and our bodies are so used to it. It manifests year after year as 'the way things go'. But just because it's the way we've always done it, doesn't mean it's the way it has to continue being!

This is the beauty of keeping up with our practice of self awareness. Yep, even during the holidays!

If the holiday season normally brings stress into your life, (and that's not something any of us really want right?), then maybe it's time to focus in on what is really happening; long enough for us to acknowledge and become more aware of how we are responding to all of the people, places and events in our immediate surroundings.

We all know the drill of the "real" meaning of Christmas, don't we. We know it, whether we were taught at school, or even just through watching all those movies as kids that this is a time for goodwill. A time to be more patient, more loving, more generous, more compassionate and forgiving and well...more "Christmassy".

But whether you "do Christmas" or celebrate another tradition, we'd all prefer to enjoy the holidays rather than struggle through them and an awareness practice is something that can really help.

With awareness, we can notice what's going on and instead of letting the usual mind-body circuitry do their usual thing, we can decide in that moment to be different. Better. Not by criticising ourselves or berating ourselves, but by bringing some of that spirit of the season - some of that compassion and goodwill, to ourselves.

This season, I am setting intention to "lighten up" - and I don't mean the lights on the house or tree. It's no coincidence to me that (for us in the Southern Hemisphere) this is also the time of summer solstice - the longest day of light in our year.

So tomorrow evening, I will be gathering together with some beautiful like minded souls to tune in, quite literally to our inner lightness and to explore through sacred song and sound, how to soothe, uplift and unify during this special time.

If you would like to come and join me in this beautiful tradition, please check out this link for all the details.

I would LOVE to LIGHTEN UP with you!!

Happy Summer Solstice!

Melissa 🔆

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