• Melissa Joss

Keys to the Door of Peace

The key to the door of peace, which I closed upon myself, is in my own hands.

~Taken from "A Course In Miracles"

Recently, I had a brief time at a lookout, overlooking the ocean. In front of me were a number of padlocks, hanging on the steel wire fencing. Some of them were engraved with the names of lovers and some were dated. All of them suspended together announcing a kind of celebrated commitment and relationship.

That same day, I was picking up a set of new reading glasses from the optometrist and saw a giant sign, with a huge picture of a padlock on a heart. The message was something along the lines of a satisfaction guarantee.

The next day, I was beginning a new job, lecturing in arts therapy and I was to be teaching in a location over an hour's drive from where I lived. The venues, (there were two of them) had no reception area, so I had to arrange to pick up both lots of keys for the rooms I'd be working in from key safes and follow a list of instructions including passwords and key/pin codes. This arrangement was made by phone in between seeing the padlocks at the ocean and going to the optometrist and seeing the sign.

This was an interesting series of synchronicities, all to do with keys and locks and opening up/moving through new doors. One might say, it was about "gaining access".

I'm pretty big on identifying signs. Even though by now as an arts therapist for over a decade, with a great appreciation of symbols and metaphors I perhaps shouldn't be surprised, I always delight in the way that life treats me to these new discoveries. I love the meaning making that comes from this attunement.

So later, when the above quote came onto my screen in a totally unrelated email, I was excited! The key to the door of peace, which I closed upon myself, is in my own hands.

"What's the message?" is the question I have to ask myself when these signs appear.

This time, it was about mindfully choosing to take a peaceful approach, rather than a strained or stressed one to this new job. It had been something I was already aware of wanting to do and this was a beautiful reminder to stay true to the intention I had set myself - to roll with it, to go with the flow, to be emergent and to be awake in the moment....... that peace and even joy is in my hands.

So today, I choose to go on noticing the signs and all the little (and large) reminders to unlock joy, flow and peace, and to free myself from the hold of stress, holding on and drama. Because the keys are in my hands. Always.

I hope you have enjoyed this reminder to notice the signs all around you. And if by chance this message serves to prompt you to unlock some doors to your self care, you might like to join us tomorrow for our last MYSHA Sound Journey for Term 1 which is happening at 9.15am tomorrow (Thursday) or on Friday for our MYSHA Women's Wellbeing Circle from 9.30am.

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We reopen for term 2 on Friday, 3rd May with our MYSHA Women's Circle and MYSHA Girls' Circle.

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Follow your bliss,

Melissa ♡

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