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Nature's Silver Lining

I go for a walk, deep in nature, at least once every week.

These walks are filled with insights and deep and stimulating conversation. Whether I have my wonderful hiking companion or whether I am alone, the dialogue and the exchange is always incredible. I feel so mesmerised by the beauty that permeates my senses that sometimes I'm left giddy with excitement and elation.

When I attune to the glory and the grace of nature; its perfection and its divinity, something inside me is altered. My heart is opened and my mind is enlivened, stress leaves my body and I am uplifted. My vibrational frequency, as an energetic being, when I am immersed in nature, is finer; like a comfortable hum that resonates for what feels like an eternity.

These walks are meditations because they transport me to a more sensuous and feeling present moment. Compared to my "other" daily experiences, I feel a sense of inter-dimensionality and timelessness during my nature adventures. My imagination and creativity are enlivened by this teetering between worlds. Often I forget my "normal" life and am instead elevated to another. It may sound crazy but what's crazier? Rushing through life, grinding away at the same old stone? Worrying about all the usual things and jumping through all the same hoops? Going to bed and waking up the next day and doing it over? Is that really not crazy? Both are perspectives through which to view life. One is more concrete and one is less so.

My point is, nature is transformative. Nature heals. Nature brings me into a space of harmony. And when I really listen, nature speaks to my soul. Nature is a much welcome reprieve from the life that is so often filled with struggle. And then there's this; nature fills me with amazing possibilities and childlike wonder.

I'll explain what I mean... On my walk last week, I was drawn to a patch of grass. This long flowering grass formed a boundary on either side of the mown path in the field and up the hillside where my walk took me. I didn't even notice it until I shifted focus towards it. I wonder now if perhaps it was calling to me on some level; to take notice. Here's what it looked like from various angles.

The more I pulled my focus towards it, the more elevated I became. The silvery blades, enlivened my senses and called to me to touch their soft fur-like edges. I was entranced by their qualities. Such beauty, if only we attune to the details. Such feeling, if only we open our hearts to the possibility of a connection.

We humans have become so dismissive of such details. Consequentially and painfully, in so doing, we've also brushed aside the aliveness of life and the invitation to participate in it!

I was pleasantly surprised later that day to see this image pop onto my computer screen, which instantly resonated with my experience with the grass that day. It personified my experience and made my sensory imaginings come to life in such a perfect way.....

Artist Unknown

(Artist Unknown)

So today's post is a fond reflection of my walks and a reminder of why I'm so addicted to them; but it's also an invitation. To join me on an artist's walk in nature! Details and bookings below.

I'd love you to join me!

Blessings and peace,

Melissa ♡

An Artist's Multi-Sensory Walk in Nature

Friday, 14th June

Meeting at 8.30am in Mt Nathan

and travelling to Springbrook National Park.

Bookings here

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