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Being the light among friends

Are you a parent?

What do we as parents say when our kiddos let us know they’re doing it tough at school?

If it’s about a learning problem, we get help from the teacher and work together to find the right blend of support both at home and at school, right?

But what about when it’s “friendship stuff”? ...when our girls come home deeply hurt that they’ve been left out or made to feel “less than”. What if it’s a simple case of being told “I don’t want to be your friend anymore”. Rejection hurts.

As adults, we can become activated when we learn of our children’s struggles. It can bring up some pretty big stuff, especially if we've been hurt as children ourselves. Add to this our busy schedules which often preclude us from being the loving presence and great listener our girls need us to be, especially if we’ve run out of answers. It’s hard!

So here’s an invitation for you and your daughters to get some super loving and professional support in a fun and creative way.

At MYSHA Girls, we teach above all else that we all matter...

♡That my feelings and your feelings are equally valid.

♡That your way of seeing things even when it’s different to mine, is allowed.

♡That when we’re in disagreement, we can still be respectful.

♡That sometimes people have some big needs and that we can be helpful.

♡That being helpful doesn’t mean we never get a chance to have our own needs met.

♡That learning to put ourselves in other people’s shoes helps us learn empathy.

♡That one of the best feelings in the world is being kind and compassionate to another person.

♡That being strong and confident to be who I was born to be is just as important as being gentle and kind to ourselves and to one another.

In essence, MYSHA Girls helps your daughter to find the light within herself and to shine that light.

All of this is not taught explicitly. That would be well, boring. Kids don’t like being preached to. What they do love is sharing their experiences while being creative and having space to express in an open-ended way in a safe and loving environment.

At MYSHA, we sing, we play, we make art, we dance, we play musical instruments, we meditate, we do yoga and we share when it feels like the right thing to do.

If you think your daughter would benefit from this kind of a group experience, we’d love to have her come join us during the school holidays for a 2 hour workshop, themed especially around being the light among friends.

When we all learn how this feels and tune into the collective vibration of it, and practice it together, we get better and better at it. The ripple effect of this kind of experience goes out into the family and into our planet.

To book in for the holiday workshop, please contact us here.

Melissa Joss is a registered creative arts and sound therapist, teacher, and mother of two.

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