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MYSHA Meditation Yoga Self Healing Arts
MYSHA Meditation Yoga Self Healing Arts




Meditation.  Yoga.  Self.  Healing.  Arts.


MYSHA is a multimodal, arts based practice method

which guides and supports you to achieve optimum levels of

holistic wellbeing and personal growth.


MYSHA was founded in 2002

by Melissa Joss, AThR.

MYSHA brings together the unique blend of

the ancient arts of meditation and gentle, restorative yoga (inc. asanas, pranayama, mantra) with

contemporary creative and expressive arts therapy processes and materials (inc. drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, felting, singing/sounding, music, movement, creative writing, sand play, and more). 

Over more than a decade, the MYSHA method has expanded to incorporate:

 mindfulness techniques and neuropsychotherapy

(developing an understanding of how your brain and nervous system functions),

Sacred Flow (MYSHA improvisational expressive dance for wellbeing)

Find Your Voice (MYSHA singing program),

MYSHA Music (mantras and spiritsongs for wellbeing)

sound therapy and sound healing.

When we immerse ourselves in a wide and rich variety of arts based modalities,

we are invited to explore, honour and embrace our multi-sensory ways of being human in the world.

Each person has their own personal wellbeing pathway to take.

Under the guidance of your experienced and qualified MYSHA therapist you will be supported to

listen within,
find your centre and
safely reconnect with your very own, unique creative flow. 


Through a new lens of self awareness and compassion,

you may begin to see the challenges, triumphs, hurdles, complexities and possibilities of life in new ways.


Over time, the MYSHA practice supports you to integrate your new knowings and take action towards living the life you choose.

We recognise that taking those first steps to seek out professional support can be confusing and costly.

MYSHA simplifies all this for you.  


We offer a variety of services to suit your needs and your budget.



If you are seeking greater clarity in your life and would like to make some proactive changes, or if you care for someone who needs some creative support to deal with life's experiences, I invite you to take a browse through the site and

send me a message!  

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Melissa Joss, Founder of MYSHA Therapy

 "At MYSHA, you are the artist and the expert in your own life.

No one else knows you better than you know yourself.  

Learning to become your own compassionate witness, learning to really listen within, and practising how to connect with others 

is all part of the success of the MYSHA practice."

Melissa Joss - Founder of MYSHA



MYSHA Therapy

With a huge passion for the arts and holistic wellbeing, 

Melissa Joss founded MYSHA in 2002.  

To achieve her goals and reach her true potential for MYSHA,

 Melissa has gained the following professional titles and qualifications:


Creative Arts Therapist

Professional member of ANZACATA

Australian, New Zealand & Asian Creative Arts Therapists Association


Early Childhood Teacher

Professional member of QCT

Qld College of Teachers


Yoga Teacher

BSYA British School of Yoga Association

Sound Therapist

BAST British Academy of Sound Therapy 


MYSHA Therapy

Find Your Voice - Singing & Songwriting Program

MYSHA for Kids - Naturally Inspired Sacred Play Circles

MYSHA GIRLS - Wellbeing Circles & Personal Wellbeing Sessions

MYSHA WOMEN - Wellbeing Circles & Personal Wellbeing Sessions




Master of Arts Experiential Creative Arts Therapy – MIECAT 2008

Graduate Diploma Experiential Creative Arts Therapy - MIECAT 2006

Diploma Yoga Teaching (Hatha Yoga) – BSY 2004

Certificate in Systematic Theology – IFE 1997

Graduate Diploma Education (Early Childhood) – QUT 1995

Bachelor of Arts - GU 1992

Professional Diploma Group Sound Therapy - BAST 2018

Additional Trainings/Memberships

Certified Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner - IACN 2016

Certified Australian Bush Flower Essences Practitioner - ABFE 2010

Child-Centred Play Therapy - Paradise Kids 2014

Practising Mindsight - Dr. Daniel Siegel 2015

Senior First Aid and CPR - Current

Advanced Student of Dr Joe Dispenza

Thank you for your gift of kindness, compassion and support.  Your unique expertise, encompassing a number of techniques & tools enables profound change to occur in a gentle and soothing way.  I am learning, with your help, to really love my life.  Thank you! - T.


Melissa Joss


Highland Park, 4211

Gold Coast, Australia

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